Presure Locked Steel & Aluminum

​This system of interlocking perpendicular bars is highly desirable because of its clean, smooth look and superb lateral support.  It exhibits the same strength, durability and openness as welded grating. But instead of welding the joints, hydraulic pressure is brought to bear to bond two, close tolerance, slotted bars together. They are permanently locked by forcing the deep cross bar into the notched bearing bar.

Pressure locked grating looks great for architectural applications like grilles, dividers, fences and screens. It is also used in the same structural applications as welded steel and rectangular aluminum bar grating. It is available as carbon or stainless steel or aluminum in spacings ranging from 7/16” to 1-3/16” and can be custom-fabricated for your job.

Pressure Locked Steel Grating Load Tables

Pressure Locked Aluminum Grating Load Tables

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