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We don’t just sell grating. We provide grate solutions.
This company, now known as NW Grating, was started in the 1960’s. It is currently in its 3rd incarnation. Even so, it’s still not the biggest game in town. It’s not meant to be. Just the best.

We help you determine the right product choice for your grate design drawings. Suggest new product applications. Provide accurate bids to keep you on budget. Deliver the product you specify, the amount you need, on time. Fabricate that grating to spec — quickly, precisely, and on budget.

We keep our Northwest and Alaska customers happy with the same grate solutions, top-quality materials, quick-turnaround, competitive pricing and built-in quality controls we’ve always offered. We make it our job to make your job easier.

But don’t just take the word of our grate staff...

Mike Luiten, Owner.
I financed contractors, sub-contractors, wholesale distributors for 30 years as a commercial banker. Helped businesses like yours grow. I’ve seen what works, what doesn’t, what it takes to succeed. Now, having owned NW Grating since 2006, during both good and difficult times, I truly understand your needs as a business, and I make sure that they are met. Quality, fairness and professionalism, that is what we strive for.
Robin Hungerford, Inside Sales
I’ve been in steel grating sales for 35 years. One thing I know…NW Grating is a team effort. We’re smaller. So we work more closely, stay more focused on the product, service, customer. You can count on us for fast quotes, on-time shipments, accurate fabrication. We’re not just here to do a job. We’re here to build a relationship.
George Lewis, Sales Estimator
I grew up with steel fabrication in my dad’s shop. Sold steel-fabricated products for years. Then joined NW Grating 15 years ago working on projects that require a takeoff or materials survey. I look at jobs to see where problems could occur. Then offer solutions for changes in materials. Value engineering… that’s how we protect our customers.

Ask a few of our grateful customers!

Merv Wark, President, Yakima Steel Fab
For 21 years NW Grating has come through…with excellent pricing, loading and spec details, prompt delivery. There’s no lip service there. Just real service!
Alan Boyce, General Mechanical
I’ve bought from NW Grating for 25 years. They have lots of ideas to get your project completed without wasting time. You get more than your money’s worth.

Pat McMonagle, Project Manager, Totem Steel I‘ve used Northwest Grating for 17 years for tread stairs and grating for structural jobs. They’re specialists who stand behind a hard bid.

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