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What is FRP: 


Fiberglass reinforced plastic FRP grating is rustproof, slip-resistant, lightweight and easy to install. It combines corrosion resistance with strength, long life and safety for reliable service in harsh or caustic environments where carbon or stainless steel is not suitable (chemical processing, refining, offshore, pulp and paper, food and beverage, marine, water and wastewater treatment, electronics, plating and Electro isolated Flooring). Polyester resin FRP is standard and fire retardant. Vinyl ester resin is optional.


There are two distinct types of FRP grating—molded and pultruded.  Molded is unmatched in corrosion resistance, is highly impact-resistant and least expensive of the FRP grating options.

Pultruded fiberglass grating combines corrosion resistance with maximum strength. It is manufactured using a unique pultruded (as opposed to extruded) process.

To determine which of these options best meets your job needs, please consult Fiberglass Grating Specs or Contact Us.  Our experts can provide you with grate solutions as well as custom-fabrication.


Molded FRP

Pultruded FRP
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